Forging & Ring Rolling

GIVA includes four forges: Forgiatura A. Vienna, Ofar, Forges and Forgia di Bollate. They are all based in the North of Italy and equipped for heavy forgings with modern and state of the art facilities integrated into a production chain from raw material up to final machining. The experience and skills of the four forges, combined with the technological power of their plants, make the GIVA Group a reference in the forging industry. This international leadership is proven by the achievement of two world firsts: the world's most powerful 100,000 ton press, informally named “Tyson” and the largest ring rolling for the production of rings up to 10 meters in diameter and 5 meters in height, named “Calam 2”. These Guinnesses are the results of an intense investment policy that has always characterized the GIVA Group through the years.

The GIVA forges can in fact rely on a total of 15 open die forging presses, from medium-size up to the largest ones of 10,000, 13,000, 20,000 and 100,000 tons, activated by water or oil. On top of that, GIVA counts 6 ring rolling mills producing square section and shaped rings and shells up to 10m in diameter and 220 tons in weight. Over 30 manipulators with a capacity up to 250 tons serve the forge departments: some are free man driven, other are automatically integrated to the presses.

All the forges of the Group are equipped with adequate facilities for heat treatment such as annealing, normalization, quenching, tempering, solution annealing. Tanks and furnaces are built according to the forging dimension capacity of each plant. Pre-machining and final machining can be also carried out at the production sites through vertical and horizontal lathes, milling, boring and reaming machines.

Along the process and final controls (destructive controls on samples and NDE on each items) assure the quality of forged components, delivered in as heat treated and machined conditions.