Vision & Investments

The GIVA business approach is inspired by three key elements:

  • Dynamism
  • Innovation, as a path to be ahead of the game
  • Investment, as a vision and a measure of trust in the future

The World is relentlessly moving forward and GIVA aspires to be there supporting this growth. Design pragmatism promotes the development of projects of increasingly large scale while demanding higher levels of efficiency. Design requirements need increasing flexibility and support from the supply chain. "We are obliged to develop today solutions that the market may require in several years time" says GIVA president Mr. Antonio Vienna. Think big and make it happen, this is his credo. A very intensive investment policy has been a chief driver of the robust and constant industrial growth of GIVA assets. Starting decades back from the installation of the first hammer, presses and rolling mills, able to manufacture pieces of some hundreds kilos, today GIVA industrial network displays a fundamental shift in technology and production processes. Vertical and horizontal integration of fine tuned technologies provide the Group a high degree of control, in terms of quality, time and cost, on the whole production process, from melting to the final product.