Sustainability Report

GIVA Group has long believed that the integration of sustainability into business strategies is a key element for long-term vision.
The Group is committed to publish its Sustainability Report on an annual basis.
The report is an integral part of the Company’s sustainability management model and it enables GIVA to check the progress made, identify opportunities for improvement and strengthen its relationship and collaboration with all its stakeholders.
Deloitte & Touche, one of the world's leading companies in business sustainability advisory, supported the Group in carrying out an internal audit about ESG topics and issuing its first Sustainability Report, available at the link Sustainability Report 2021.

Quality policy

GIVA holds the Customer satisfaction to be a main business driver. Configuration of GIVA industrial network allows to highlight our Business Model based on Integrated Responsibility, which incorporates full control over the Quality, Timing and Cost for the entire value chain. Through a continuous improvement of the industrial process we aspire to the most efficient solution for each and every business. The whole GIVA network implemented a Quality System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and other specific international standards, assuring that the manufacturing process is driven in accordance to the Customer quality requirements. Dedicated skills and competences grant the observance of the applicable standards, specifications and quality requirements during the setting of parameters and procedures of the specific process, during the execution through a continuous surveillance of the activities, and during the inspections on the delivered product.

Certificates and Accreditations

Here you can find the list of our certifications and accreditations..

Human resources

GIVA mission is ensuring an effective and efficient management of Human Resources.
The Group aims to guarantee a positive working environment and Worklife Balance policies enhancing the potential of every individual by investing in training and in the development of the skills of the human and intellectual resources.
GIVA strongly believes that fostering the growth of human resources is the key for its competitiveness on the market.

Ethical code

An Ethical Code has been developed within the Group as the main reference tool for the promotion, knowledge and management of work ethics within the company.

Through the strategy of Human Resources GIVA aims to achieve two important goals: on one hand to attract, maintain and develop the skills and competences of internal resources, on the other hand to ensure to all employees and collaborators a business environment that can enhance the human and professional potential and guarantee a high quality of life and valid instruments of family-work balance.

In line with the Group's goals and mission, GIVA promotes a continuous analysis of the Human Capital, in order to enhance all the aspects through the most adequate selection, training, development, wage policy and the climate survey.

Here you can find our ethical code (see the italian version).

Safety, Health and Environment

GIVA Group manages its production processes to guarantee the safeguarding for its employees’ health and well-being and respect for the environment.

Safety is one of the primary requirements which is assured by everyday care in each and every operation; dedicated training pursues the personnel to integrate safety rules as active part of the work attitude.

Indeed, care for the environment is main part of GIVA policy and strategy; this is achieved by optimizing natural resources, raw materials and dealing correctly with waste products.

Within safety, health and environment policy, the Management is committed to providing the necessary human resources, specialists and technological skills as well as adequate financial resources and verifying the compliance of the targets.