Worldwide leader
in manufacturing of steel products

GIVA is an acronym for Gruppo Industriale Vienna Antonio. It is an Italian family owned group, founded by the charismatic Italian entrepreneur Mr Antonio Vienna, who is the President and the majority shareholder.

GIVA Group is a worldwide leader in the production of ingots, forgings, valves and actuators.

GIVA Group consists of 1200 employees from 20 different countries, 15 modern and highly specialized manufacturing plants located in northern Italy with more than 1500 customers from the 5 continents.

Within technological advancement GIVA has achieved three world firsts such as the most powerful press in the word named “Tyson”, a 100.000 ton press; the biggest electroslag remelting plant (ESR) with a capacity of producing ingots up to 250 ton; a ring rolling mill named “Calam 2” for rings up to 10 m outside diameter and 5m height, evidencing the technological development and the manufacturing capabilities of the GIVA Group facilities.

In addition to the great technological sophistication present in its plants, GIVA also operates on a sustainable Business Model: Integrated Responsibility of the whole value chain, from raw material to the finished product. GIVA is a network of complementary industrial plants which have consolidated incomparable experiences, know-how, technologies and records. The driving forces of such model ultimately deliver to the market a unique value in variety of products, services, consistency and quality.